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Marriages are made in heaven – It’s a very old and true saying. We strongly believe in this and also we believe that marriages are meant to be something special for anyone’s life. These days the most common trend influencing people across the globe is of Destination Wedding. Most of the couples are planning out for tying the knot in a special manner at some exotic locations across the country. The most common one which is almost in the list of every couple’s mind is either having a relaxed, comfortable beachside wedding ceremony in Goa or tasting the blend of royalty in their wedding at Rajasthan.

It takes lot of planning and preparations to make your special day an unforgettable one. Travlogue brings you the best destination wedding package in India. Celebrate your wedding in a luxurious and a preplanned way at an exclusive wedding destination of your choice. India has a big list of such cities offering for remarkable and memorable wedding ceremonies. Destination wedding in the demand of market these days and it’s all about the glamour and the grandeur. Ranging from different cities and tradition you can plan out for different typical kind of wedding suiting up your own dreams and desires.

Whether you want to experience the Maharaja touch in your wedding with the presence of enormous elephants and fascinating jharokhas, or a beach destination wedding with the sandy toes and the soft breeze of air putting up a perfect blend of romance, we have something for everyone in our wide range of the available destination wedding packages. Our team of expert wedding planners and local expert guide are here to provide you with what you’ve dream of your perfect wedding destination and ceremony.

We believe that “Marriages are made in heaven but for sure it’s celebrated on Earth” so let it be something really special. From planning your wedding destination to managing the hotels and resorts, arrangement for your guests, family and friends to arranging the professional makeup artist for the bride and groom, we help you in planning and executing your dream destination wedding at a place of your choice with the best quality and best price guarantee in the market. In a nutshell, we transform your vision into reality.

Check out the available list of several exotic and romantic wedding destination package or talk to one of our expert planner for a arranging a special customized wedding plan for you.

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