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Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled savings at a selection of hand-picked luxurious destinations. ‘Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into storyteller’
We at Travlogue, stand as the team to make your travel dreams mature into reality with every possible means being taken care of. We realize that making a dream trip come true requires the co-working of a number of provisions and thus we reach out to you with our expert travel hands that take care of all your travelling appetites. Before you take us as your travel companion for the most luxurious trips of your life, come take a peep at our list of areas of expertise that makes us the providers of the best holiday packages in India.
working of a number of provisions and thus we reach out to you with our expert travel hands that take care of all your travelling appetites. Before you take us as your travel companion for the most luxurious trips of your life, come take a peep at our list of areas of expertise that makes us the providers of the best holiday package
Quality Planners:
Being in the industry for such a long span, we are triggered to make your trips in Incredible India truly incredible. Every part of the trip is therefore designed to reach out to our travelling customers the best of adventures with perfect quality provisions. Comprising of a team that is keen in in learning in all sorts of travel experiences, we infuse your travel tales with the dash of vigour, adventure and fun.
Apart from our experience, our expertise has also contributed to the planning of perfect travelogue enriched with memories. Standing true to our name, we are the weavers of the best travelogues that leave impactful impacts on your memories.
With a mission to establish ourselves as the best caretakers of our travellers, we serve our guests with the best degrees of commitment and a blend of professional and personal approach.Thus our travel plans not only end in arranging trips alone but also listicle a host of . other provisions.
Road Trips:
To gift our guests some indelible India experiences, we have in our travel platter some of the innovative trips designed that will help them explore the various shades of picturesque India.
Luxury Accommodations:
As travel partners, we believe that a proper accommodation is one of the significant ingredients in a trip and thus our all our arrangements are equipped with the most luxurious hotel facilities keeping care of every dimension of our guest’s comfort.
Access to Great Itineraries:
Our itineraries are planned in a manner to make our guests super-satisfied and therefore we make sure they relish the delicacies of the best of restaurants and sightseeing spots. In fact, we allow every room for personalisation to our travellers to gift them the authentic Indian travelling experience.
Value for Money:
Our main aim is to provide our travellers’ worthy experiences that justify their invested money. With quality customer care and affordable services as our main anthem, we never leave behind any room for regrets.
So get ready to witness the most divine India trip with our travel management packages at Travlogue.
Our Vision
Travlogue India prides itself of being one the leaders in their field. We provide you with a complete package for your travel starting from your arrival to departure. We strive to make your holiday a safe, fun-filled, cosy and memorable one. Keeping these principles in mind, we are dedicatedly working on improving our services according to the needs of our clients and trying to grow simultaneously. We are trying to be the best at what we do through our dedicated efforts.
We are committed to providing the best facilities for our clients taking care of every minute detail so that every trip with us gives them a pleasant memory to cherish for in future. We not only provide professional but personal advice to add the touch of togetherness for our clients. With this vision in mind, we focus our dedication in making every trip a pleasant and memorable one for our clients. We are confident that our mission will take us to new heights of success with the support of our clients.



  • Gail Hogg
    We really enjoyed our trip to Darjeeling & Sikkim with my sister & her husband. Sunil was an excellent guide, who got the balance right of giving relevant information in a interesting manner. I didn’t realise he would be with us the whole time, but this was fine as he was such relaxed company. Ramesh was an excellent & safe driver too, with whom we felt completely safe – so thanks for organising. The hotels in Darjeeling & Gangtok were truly excellent & just the style we like! Real old world charm with impeccable service. The Chumbak & Sinclair’s retreat were ok, but fairly typical of modern Indian mid-range hotels.......good enough facilities, but not matching the service or whole experience we got elsewhere. It’s a shame the other two Elgin hotels were full, but we appreciate it was the busiest time of year. I will say that the Chumbak had the most amazing views & luckily the skies cleared briefly for sight of the snow capped mountains. One other comment to make is regarding the itinerary.....in that it was a bit Monastery heavy! Having been to Ladakh, the monasteries in Sikkim are less impressive & so just to visit one in each town would have sufficed, with maybe other historic buildings to add variety. Thank you so much for arranging so many fantastic tours for us & our family & friends over the last 3 years! We are truly sad to be leaving such an amazing country, but very appreciative for all your efforts assisting us in discovering the best parts!!
    Gail Hogg
  • Shakeela
    Thank you for an excellent planned trip.
    The agent Manik must also be thanked for the meticulous way his drivers and guides executed their tasks.
    We throughly enjoyed our holiday.
    All the hotels were superb .
    Once again thank you and God bless.
    South Africa
  • Fatima
    We have arrived back safely in South Africa so I thought that I should write to you. Thank you for a wonderful tour in India and Kashmir. My parents and I had a wonderful time. We found the service of Travlogue India to be exceptionally professional and we were most pleased with the drivers and the tour guides who were assigned to us throughout our stay in the respective cities. In Jaipur, we were met at the airport by Mr. Kanhiya Lal, the driver, who accompanied us all the way to Delhi. We could not have asked for a better person! Mr. Lal was exceptionally professional - from his attire to his demeanour - and we felt very comfortable with him. He was soft spoken and respectful to us at all times, ensuring that we were happy and that we would see everything within good time during our stay. He is also an excellent driver! Considering the chaotic traffic in India, at no point were we afraid to be on the road. We also enjoyed the long drives between the cities because he shared many anecdotes and historical information with us about the places that we passed. The 5 days that we spent in his company were most memorable. We were very sad to say goodbye to him because it felt like he had become a part of our family! Overall, we had wonderful time in India . I will be sure to book again with Travlogue India should I return to India. Say a prayer that I have the opportunity to do so again soon, please. :) Thanks again.
  • Pieter de Klerk
    We are back from India and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you for all the arrangements.
    Everything went very smoothly.
    Please express a special word of thanks to our allotted driver, Rajed Singh. He really took good care of us.
    Pieter de Klerk
    I trust that you are well.
    I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided to me. It was a pleasure dealing with you, you are professional and efficient.
    The trip was amazing. All the places and hotels were amazing, except the Kanyakumari one. But you advised me it was the best you could get.
    Overall it was great and memorable trip till my next trip:)
  •  Mahomed Essop Jhatham
    As promised, some feedback on our recent trip to India.
    Overall, the trip went off quite well, meeting our objectives of getting an interesting glimpse of India, notably the parts visited: Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai.
    There were no significant logistical problems as to punctuality and transport. Finally, I would like to thank you, Sunil, and your regional representatives for responding timeously to any problems raised and solving them satisfactorily. We can certainly recommend Travlogue to our friends and families.
    With best wishes for all your future endeavours.
    Mahomed Essop Jhatham
  • Heidi Smit
    Yes we are safely back home. Indeed we had a wonderful time in India.We learned a lot in all the five cities. It was very remarkable to be informed and to actually be so close to the honorable Mahatma Gandhi through being to his grave. We also enjoyed the market and purchase of the different Indian spices, Indian outfits the art work in all its forms. The Mosques, temples and churches divulged the diversity of Indian religious beliefs.
    The Taj Mahal was the most spectacular of the wonderful historic places we visited. The Pink city was lovely too. While it was such a marathon to see all the beautiful architecture, it was very relaxing to get to Goa and Mumbai where we enjoyed India differently.
    We feel greatly indebted for all the hospitality and friendliness of the whole team that attended to us, from the company representatives, the guides, the drivers, the porters at the hotels, at the train station and at the airports, everyone was so useful and friendly to us.
    Thank you very much for a well organised holiday.
    Heidi Smit
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