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5 Mysterious Facts Related to Maha Shivratri!

India is well known as a land of festivals and colors along with the epic celebrations all around. Mahashivratri is one of such great occasion that fills people with boundless faith for the divine. Shivratri is one of the greatest festivals for all Shiva devotees when they believe that worship of Lord Shiva will clean their souls and lead them towards liberation from the cycle of death and life.

Maha Shivratri Puja

Today in this blog I will share with you 5 interesting and mysterious facts related to this auspicious festival of Mahashivratri. Shivratri or commonly known as Mahashivratri is one of the most celebrated annual festivals of the Hindu religion. It means “Great Night of Shiva’ and has several myths and facts associated with it. The day before the new moon for every month is celebrated as Shivratri. Also, it is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the waning phase (Krishna Paksha Trayodashi / Chaturdashi) which usually falls in February or March as per the English Calendar is of the most significance. This day is celebrated with a variety of rituals by Hindus all over the world observing a great number of devotees in all the Shiva temples across the globe.

Legend Associated with Maha Shivratri

One of the most popular legends associated with this auspicious festival is that Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati on this day. Some other says that the “Tandav Dance” was performed by Lord Shiva and hence we celebrate it as an occasion of Shivratri. Another one is the story of ‘Samudra Manthan” which describes the emersion of poison and arresting it in the throat by Lord Shiva through Yogic powers. One of the other reasons is that it is considered as Lord Shiva became one with Mouth Kailash on this day i.e. he became like a mountain – absolute still. Hence the ascetics see Shivratri as the night of stillness.

Darkest Night of Month

Shivratri being celebrated on the darkest night of month is also considered as the celebration of darkness. As per the science, it’s too been believed that everything comes from nothing and then finally vanishes to nothing. In this context too, the nothingness or the vast emptiness is considered as the great Lord Mahadev.

Facts and Observances

Being one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion, Shivratri holds a special position among the devotees and witnesses a lot of traditional ritual and offerings done by the devotees all around. Some of the major observances include Pooja’s, rudra-abhisheka, Fasting, chanting of mantras, staying awake at night with meditation and all such things.


Abhisheka on Shivalinga or bathing of linga with milk, water, gangajal, honey etc. is one of the major ritual performed during Shivratri. Further paste of sandalwood or rice is applied and some fresh flowers petals or garlands are offered to the Shivalinga. According to Shiva Purana some of the major rituals to be done during Shivratri are –

  • For the purification of soul it is necessary to bathe the Shivalinga with water or milk or honey.
  • Apply kumkum for the significance of virtue.
  • Fruits and flowers signifying longevity and gratification of desires.
  • Lamp lighting signifying the achievement of knowledge

Best places to witness Shivratri Celebration

Though this festival is celebrated through the country but still if you are planning to see some great glimpse of the celebration to witness some unseen beauty and rituals here listed below are few of the major temples in India to plan out for Mahashivratri tour with your family.

  • Kashi Vishvanath Temple, Varanasi
  • Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
  • Khajuraho – Matangeshwar Temple
  • Ujjain – Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Puri – Loknatha Temple

Where are you planning to visit out of these places this coming Shivratri? Check out the exciting Maha Shivratri Tour Package 2020 India offered by several tours and travel agencies and book your next trip for witnessing this auspicious celebration in an unseen way.

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