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Top 5 Destinations to Spend Christmas Eve In India!

As we are approaching closer to bid a goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020, the most common thing striking almost everyone’s mind is how and where to celebrate the occasion making it a memorable one in its own way. December being the last month of this calendar brings lots of reasons to celebrate and enjoy time with our near ones. Christmas, undoubtedly is one of them. Colorful Christmas trees, Santa’s gifts, Christmas cards, and the delicious desserts make this occasion traditional in its own ways.

Today in this blog I will share with you the top 5 destinations in India to cherish and enjoy your 2019 Christmas eve. Christmas is all about the cakes and the carols, Santa and the angels, giving and receiving and overall an evening of lights and colors and we Indians do it in our own ways with the desi twist wrapped around it.


Goa is always the first choice of everyone to spend a perfect Christmas eve along with the blend of the new year around. Mesmerizing beaches, vibrant lights, music festivals, flower decorations, and the night parties makes it a perfect mixture of tradition and fun and hence being the top choice of almost everyone to enjoy and celebrate this occasion at its full. The entire city is adorned with vibrant colorful lights and makes you feel like experiencing the paradise.


If you wish to experience the Christmas celebrations in typical European style, Meghalaya has got it for you. The capital city gets engaged for the occasion prior a week to Christmas eve that can be witnessed from the decorations around the bakery shops and other local markets. Enjoying the instrumental music along the street corners played by local peoples, welcomed by Santas at the shop stores and the Yule tide decorations are some of the most mesmerizing things to experience here.


Kolkata, commonly known as The City of Joy is another best option to experience Christmas celebrations. The capital of British India and home to many of the ancient churches offers plenty of reasons to be listed in the favorites. The Park street area attracts the visitors with its elegant lighting and stars followed by other decorations, the midnight mass organized at St Paul Cathedral, the traditional celebration of the Anglo Indian communities, several elegantly decorated parks with fairy lights and illuminated displays are some of the must to do things while being in Kolkata during the Christmas.


Celebrating Christmas with the snowballs can be experienced only in Shimla. The capital city of Himachal is quiet famous for white Christmas as the entire city is covered with snow during this season and it’s like a blessing in disguise for its visitors. Shimla being a very little populated city, most of them following Christianity allow its visitors to experience the festival with tremendous fanfare and joy. The panoramic views from the hills and the elegantly celebrated Christmas with the snowballs are something more than mesmerizing your heart. The whole city is beautifully decorated with shimmering lights including the churches, streets and the homes. While being here during Christmas don’t forget to taste the local traditional cuisine and listening the carols and hymns from the churches. In a nutshell, Shimla offers you to enjoy and experience a peaceful yet memorable Christmas.


 Kollam is a beautiful Christmas spot in Kerala located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake and the home of some of the ancient churches including the Infant Jesus Cathedral located in Tangasseri that recently celebrated its 400th anniversary. Christmas is celebrated here in its own traditional way offering the tourists a complete new level of experience. Wonder, celebrating your day across the backwater springs, palms and coconut trees and the perfect blend of nature surrounding you all around. This all can be experienced in Kerala during Christmas. The beautifully decorated churches with lights and stars, the fest carnival lasting for 10 days and the extra heavy discounts on the hotel prices will make you fall in love with this place. Moreover don’t forget to witness the ancient local tradition of Kollam, i.e. ride in the sea during Christmas, where the elders take the younger ones of the family in the boats to introduce them to the sea.

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